We’ve moved past the days of “logo design” building a brand is so much more. When creating a brand identity it's important to understand the specific challenges unique to you. Our identity excercises result in a series of documents taking you on your branding journey. We understand what appeals to different audiences along with insights and data to help turn your business into a brand. We don’t just design graphical elements, we strategise, plan and execute cutting edge creative solutions aimed at helping new and existing brands become totally independent and self sufficient through design.

Strategy & Archetypes

It is important to know which area of the market you want to take your business, and what you want your brand to be known for. There are many personas a brand can take on, within the industry these are known as brand archetypes. It allows a label to be placed on the approach you want to take allowing us to have a clear idea of where your brand needs to be. This helps us see where the foundation of the business comes from and influences the approach we will take.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are developed once the creative aspects of the brand have been evaluated and you are ready to define the image of your business. This document helps standardise all outbound materials and communication in line with the strategy and archetype previously defined along with considerations for tone of voice, acceptable usage and brand imagery. Consistency is key in the modern world and brand guidelines will help you reach that goal.


Using our understanding of the Leisure, Lifestyle, FMCG and Hospitality sectors, we do an evaluation of your current brand position as well as look into perceived competition, market insights and political trends. This helps us identify both the pro's and con's of your outbound appearance, deep dive into your sales and shape the very strategy we implement.

Your targets are defined by us through the consulatation process and include calculated goals designed for you. We have helped a number of business including hotels and restaurants acheiving 100% occupancy over a specific period along with retailers who want to increase their sales in a digital market.


Collateral is part of our everyday life, Hotels, Bars and Restaurants rely on menus, talkers, brochures and point of sale to promote profitable offerings and services. Wedding brochures are used to emphasise venue features in a romanticised light and restaurant menus are designed using researched theory and reader insights to best place certain promotions.

We work with both brands we have created and existing brands in the marketplace producing a diverse range of bespoke collateral helping your business stand out.

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