I’m Elle! the new Junior Accounts manager for Creativehill. I wanted to take the opportunity to write my first blog on behalf of the company, I struggled originally to come up with a subject to write about, so I thought I’d start by introducing myself. In this blog I’ll talk a little bit about my interview which got me here in the first place, it covers a lot about who I am and what role I’ll be taking here in Creativehill.


Around a month ago I approached the company about their Junior Accounts Manager position, I knew a little about what the role would include but didn’t really know what to expect. From looking around the various opportunities, the company stood out unlike the others and even the introducer to the business was clearly excited about the opportunity. I knew I’d simply have to apply and lucky for me I managed to get an interview the next week.


Finding the building was not too hard seen as a few friends worked around the area and I managed to catch a lift rather than taking the hour and a half double bus journey I had yet to look forward to. I was greeted in the corridor by Adam, very happy and cheerful unlike other interviews I had experienced which was a welcome surprise.


To further the surprise Adam started the interview simply by saying “This is not an interview” the nerves went away, and we dove into the ‘non-interview’. Adams approach was unique in the way where he left the technicalities to Tony, our non-executive; while focusing on the idea of getting acquainted. The first question fire was “Tell me about yourself” a daunting question when needing to put together a sensical answer in real time. Thinking on my feet I came up with;


“I am a bookworm, with a subsequent coffee addiction. I spend most of my time in coffee shops either reading or making my own material unready for the public eye just yet. I have a passion for photography along with English Literature which is evident with my college subject choice. I’m always busting out my camera or mobile phone if a new photo opportunity arises. This is one of the reasons I am interested in this particular role as it has a creative aspect.”


It probably wasn’t the most original personality presented but it summed me up quite well, to dig into what makes me different from all the other coffee devotees and bibliophiles, Adam prompted the question “What makes you, you?” A difficult question to ask when I don’t quite know myself, but an interesting question to be asked. It’s always nice to be asked about the reasoning behind yourself, it prompts your own evaluations. I responded after pondering for as short a time I could help, “I supposed a fascination in reading comes from the idea of escapism and in an away you get to live thousands of lives over, as interesting as you choose to pick up. And I think seen as though I have quite bad eye sight the idea of looking through a camera lens is empowering because I see things more intensely and value each detail more than the next.”


Adam seemed quite impressed with the response, much to my luck, he then started to discuss the type of role I would come to fill within the company. The title ‘Junior Accounts Manager’ is quiet misleading, seen as my role would be a lot more varied with plenty of interesting projects to work on. I could write posts for the blog which appealed to the literature side of me instantly. I also can work in different meetings with company’s wanting designs produced and having the opportunity to create the next big brands and much more. It sounded quite exciting to someone who expected to be working with accounts alone. The rest of the conversation were based around music, TV and film taste, both good and bad… (die hard McFly fan!) and it was clear this was my ideal place.


 The company was friendly, professional, accomplished and Adam was open with where he wanted the company to go in the future. This opportunity was something I wouldn’t get anywhere else with the freedom and opportunities offered so I jumped at the chance.


A few weeks since the initial meeting and a lovely trip in Iceland in-between, here I am ready to work and eager to learn. Catch me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.