Today the blog is coming back to me in light of how it was 4 months ago when I joined the business, that’s a third of a year spent finding my place in the hustle and bustle of Creativehill.


After starting in a business you’re expected to have 3 reviews in the first year, just to see if you’re fitting in and how you’ve developed in your role so far. You know, all the things that makes sure that I’m happy where I am and the teams happy with their new addition (they love me).


After looking at the things I have learnt and improved, it came to mind how different I was as a person just that short time ago. If I was to tell myself back then, the type of things I’d be doing now I’d have called myself crazy. The amount of responsibility that has been placed on my shoulders since then would have been daunting to the 17-year-old, fresh out of college.


Like I said in ‘This is not an Interview’ I knew a little about the role, but I had no idea what to expect. But I can tell you honestly, that when looking back I know Creativehill was one of the best decisions I made. With my role in the business, I have learnt how to come out of my shell a lot more than I thought possible. Not to mention how I have been able to develop my writing skills in ways I hadn’t even heard of, though Tony will tell you, there’s always room for more developments.


The thing that I’d say has changed my perspective the most, is how I have been able to broaden my understanding of the business world as a whole. You can only learn so much in the comfort of a classroom, no matter how many entrepreneurs come in to talk to you about the real world, it’s never quite the same as experiencing it yourself.


When I first started, listening to the conversations between the directors, I may as well have been listening to Pig-Latin. But after asking enough questions and paying enough attention, I’m now comfortable enough to hold my own perspective.


I like to think that it’s a bit like wonderland, where Alice encounters a way of reasoning that’s quite different from her own. She didn’t know what to think either, yet she found her feet and paved her path with the help of those around her.


Bare in mind this is only after 4 months, there’s still a long way to go for me yet before this can be classed as a proper reflection. It’s exciting to think about how much more I can adapt between now and the next stage. Who knows? This point could very well be known as the easy period.


When looking to the future I see how the company has a lot of plans set in motion that hold plenty of room for progress. The Northern Bar and Restaurant event being one to look forward to, as well as the idea of taking on a new graphic/creative designer. It will be my responsibility to guide the new member of staff when introduced, and frankly, I can’t wait to get the ball moving. With each new aspect in the business I will have the opportunity to develop my approach in a way I haven’t yet and I know now, that I will never stop growing here - it's time to no longer be the new kid on the block.