So you’re thinking of starting business in 2017? …Great! But here are some pointers to make sure you get off to the best start.


Whats your USP?

A unique selling point is something that sets you apart for the competition, if there is any. It helps you define your brand and the path your business will take to maximise profitability. It’s important to get it right and a good communication and design studio will help you define the path you should take.


Do you have a brand?

You may have an idea, you may have some scribbles and mood boards but now it’s time to make it into a brand. Find a design studio that understands you and your business, branding is a exercise that isn’t just a one hit wonder, it needs tweaking and adapting as the business scales. The biggest companies in the world are constantly changing as their market adapts, so should you.


Which media, and how?

There are lots of ways to promote your company after launch, online and off. Everything from physical media such as flyers, leaflets and newspaper adverts, right through to digital marketing and advertising across a range of platforms, and each reaches a different audience. As a startup you can't afford to cover all media, and relying on trial and error to find the right media can be a long and expensive process. Advice from a professional studio is priceless, remember they do this everyday, they can help you focus your promotions to reach your target audience quicker.


How long will it take to launch?

Building a new business takes time to deliver results. Don't expect to launch an online shop and see results straight away - customers will spend time researching you, they want to trust your brand before they trust you, and only then will the phone start ringing. Consistent exposure and campaigns help this enormously, advertising supported by blogging, targeted emails, customer interaction on forums, all help to build customer confidence.


Why not get some professional help with the your new business venture and speak to the team. Give us a call on 01325 526119 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - it can make all the difference, and it's one less thing to lose sleep over.