It’s important for design studios to communicate effectively within a team. It helps the work they produce and gets the team on the same page. At Creativehill we meet weekly to discuss what's happening in the business, who’s working on what and how we can help each other. This helps us gel as a team and produce the award winning outcomes our customers are used to. We know it as ‘The-Friday-Hash-Out’…


‘What’s this?’ I hear you cry. Well, my ever-curious reader, ‘The Friday Hash-out’ is more or less a really exciting meeting - except it is completely informal, it more commonly than not involves shouting and it is something the staff enjoy unanimously. Meaning the only thing resembling our treasured Hash-out in your average meeting is that it is a collective of colleagues.


These Hash-outs were created for the sole purpose of providing feedback and being comfortable within the team - which is why we encourage criticism and compliments when needed, identifying mistakes and helping the team overcome them in the weeks to come.


It may sound horrible to be in a room of bickering directors but as an employee of the business I can tell you, it’s a lot more entertaining than your average Friday night telly.


At Creativehill we have a philosophy, and that is for us to be able to love Mondays. Even in my first interview, Adam asked me, ‘What is your career goal?’ A simple question, which is either really hard or really easy to answer. Instead of going into career paths or wage figures I simply replied that I want to enjoy coming to work - I was told that this is the place for me.


It is a united mindset throughout the office that we all enjoy what we do; we look forward to our kooky coffee club that takes place on Monday morning - before our busy week restarts again.


For us to be able to live this philosophy we created the Hash-out, where on Fridays we take an hour (sometimes with something a bit stronger than espresso in our cups) to reflect on the week and get any emotions out of the way that can discourage us on Monday. This time helps us raise concerns about any projects, talk about what was great, or just plainly call each other names, the Friday Hash-out really works.


We leave the office elevated and excited for the next weekly adventure without any negative attitudes and go into the weekend with a fresh mindset and clear conscience.


This wacky method is what makes our team what it is, a group of skilled professionals that have the ability to turn the humour on and off when appropriate. For any business, it is important to develop a relationship with your colleagues, especially if you want to feel genuinely happy where you are.


Which is why we welcome… no, better yet, we encourage you to take this method for your own use. We feel that it is important for everyone to love Mondays. It's one thing to be able to work as a team, but a whole new playing field when you are able to enjoy it, and that's why we are the best at what we do!