To all you designers and style enthusiasts we have put together our top 5 watches guide to help you not only be more productive but look great this summer.

As office banter goes; fashion is a word that is thrown around regularly, everything from items of clothing, the latest TV series to design trends and “fashionable” executions. One thing however that is always up for debate is watches, yes watches!


It’s a little known fact us designers love watches, the simplest and smallest accessory designed in some cases to make you more productive but mostly look great. After weeks of constructive and well educated discussions also known as arguments we have put together our top five watches to wear this summer. Some may help you focus more, some may make you more productive and others may just make you look better.



5. Fossil Q - £229.00


Fossil have recently moved into the smart watch market and this is a great cross over between the traditional time piece and and modern era pro-active watch. As well as the usual traits it’s edge to edge touch screen display looks great and it comes with the optional extra of wireless charging for those true tech heads.


Overall it has a quality feel with some nice design features and is a great starting point our for top 5 watches.




4. Mondaine Helvetica No.1 Light - £290.00


If your looking for an active sports watch with calorie counter and GPS this is not it. This Swiss piece of excellence by Mondaine is proof that watches don’t need to be smart to be… well smart.


For designers it helps that Helvetica is in the name but this simplistic watch is a real head-turner and will certainly get noticed by your eagle eyed colleagues.




3. Skagen Allsund Activity Tracker - £89.00


Our second smart watch entry comes in the form of Skagen’s new Allsund Activity Tracker, ok so it’s not actually a watch, technically it’s a bracelet but this is by far the simplest smart tech in our line up and we love it’s no nonsense approach and ability to do the simple things well. Running from a normal battery it lasts 6 months so no messy wires cluttering up your desk, it also comes with simple well thought out features like photo & music control along with activity tracking through Skagen’s Link technology.


A simple yet clear choice and a winner in the office.




2. Apple Watch Series 2 - £299.00


We love Apple, theres no hiding it! And for our number 2 entry we have gone with the Series 2 42mm Aluminium edition. As smart watches go we think this is the best by far, as a designer it’s ability to control keynote and seamlessly switch between workflows is second to none. Yes its the most expensive and if you go completely mad you can spend over £1000.00 but we can’t ignore it comes with all of the above and is always a talking point of the team.


With the latest additional of the Series 2 including GPS built in and it’s ability to be fully submerged in active water sports it really has moved ahead of the smart watch curve.




1. MVMT Outback - £120.00


At number one the MVMT Outback is not only the cheapest "watch" in our line up, it's not a smart watch either, but it deliverers something none of the others can touch; exclusivity.


MVMT is an underdog story of college drop-out’s developing a watch brand in America focused on affordable style over productivity. Coming in at around £120.00 plus import taxes this blows the completion away on price and trust us… on looks too. It’s tremendously minimalist design always get’s noticed and you simply can’t look that good for less.


So there you have it, our top 5 watches for this summer, they are all great in their own way but we love simple and MVMT has definitely delivered.