You could say branding is our flagship service, and you would be right. We hate using the word “logo” around the office; Branding is so much more and we have put together a checklist to help you get the most from your brand.

01. Understand

It’s your responsibility to know where you want to be, and the design studios challenge to get you there. Like most business models you need to know where your going and what challenges you may face along the way, find a design studio that understands you and your journey - the rest will follow.


02. Research

A rebrand is pointless if it’s just a graphical exercise. Working with a design consultancy will help you identify the issues and problems along with providing an informed approach strategy.


03. Analyse

Data is key in this world, collect, quantify, progress, further develop and test your data. This will help you get an understanding of your clients and potential customers to build that killer creative brief.


04. Monitor Time

In this world nothing stands still and neither does your placement market or the competition. Monitor trends in order to be ahead of the game and implement them correctly to be attract new business.


05. Simplicity

Icon development is key, small media graphical elements are everywhere, favicon’s, app icons, smart watch displays and social media icons. All of these are key to your brand consistency and build a stronger message.


06. Versatility

Build a versatile brand to allow future extensions and arms of the business; this not only ensures consistency but reduces further design costs.


07. Original

Using a design studio will ensure an original brand for your business. We don’t design two things the same and neither should anyone else.


08. Tell a story

You have a “USP” so lets develop a story around it, by utilising the company's heritage, perhaps its innovation of technology or simply how it got to where it is, there is always an opportunity for a story.


09. Emotional Attachment

People buy people; and believe it or not brands as well. Consumers form an emotional attachment with brands, let’s use that to drive your company forward.


10. Consistency

Branding is not a simple exercise, once done it needs constant tweaking and development, as your business grows, so should the brand.