Every year we talk about amazing gifts for Christmas, and this year is no different!


We all know that people in the creative sector are really hard to buy for, I should know working in an office full of them. So if your son, daughter, mother, father, neighbour or partner dabbles in this industry maybe you should read a little further.


If you're reading this blog right now, you're probably a bit late to the gift-giving rodeo. (You're not alone!)


Being an Account Manager at Creativehill, it's my job to help you out - granted there's usually a bit of branding or web involved, but who's to say I can't help with this too? It's Christmas, let's call this my gift to you (so I don't have to worry about getting you one as well!)


Have a look at my 3 top picks and see what you can make of them...


Gift 1: Lego.

I know it sounds pretty simple, and some of these models cost a pretty penny, but if you were in the office on 'New Lego Pack' day you'd understand how exciting they can be.


Top tip, try and pin it to an interest, looking around me now I can see a car, a rocket and something off Star Wars I can't quite name. Each one of them resulted in a lot of bragging and a timer to see how fast it becomes something recognisable. You really can't go wrong.


Gift 2: Snazzy Pen.

This can be as cheap or expensive as you like, but I can already tell that you're not a fan yet, but hear me out on this one.


Think about them entering into a meeting. They're surrounded by a fair amount of people, all smartly dressed, how are they going to stand out and let everyone know they are the creative in the room? Simple, a snazzy pen.


A lot of people go with a previously acquired plastic tube of misery from whichever hotel/bank/charity they've recently been to (guilty). So when your giftee enters the room with a freshly engraved fountain pen or even a unicorn with a fluffy pom pom, heads are going to turn! - THAT is a gift worth giving this Christmas.


Gift 3: Props.

Have you ever been in a studio before? If you have you should probably remember the countless props that will have no doubt been dotted around the room. (Shout out to my favourite, Sylvester the cat!)


Why not help them out with jazzing their desk up a little bit, think about the music, movies and books they've talked about recently. Do a bit of Googling around them and bada bing, bada boom, you're the best gift giver ever and everyone around their office is trying to think of a new way to be-friend you.

(Note: Pop Vinyl figures are a big trend in our office at the moment and you can never have too many coffee mugs to show off in the kitchen!)


So, as I struggle to pull together gifts that I haven't already bought, hopefully, these ideas will help you out. If not...well this gift's none refundable, maybe I'll go with the classic chocolate box next year instead.