In the hustle and bustle of a design studio with deadlines approaching you realise that crucial piece of information is buried in a email thread as long as the rive nile. You open the dreaded Mail icon on your mac to find a “rainbow wheel” spinning around furiously as you beloved machine is been taken to the edge opening this simple application. So how to you fix it?

Archiving is the simplest and easiest way to manage mass mail and years of email threads. As a design studio we archive all of our work and emails each year, it exceptionally rare we require an email from 3 years ago. Each Christmas we create a new mailbox and dump all of that years mail into it, it does take a while so go and grab yourself a coffee.


Once that has completed you will want to export it, make sure you store it to somewhere safe because in 3 years time when that client comes asking for the CMYK values or “that guys email address” who was in the three with you be sure you know where it is.


Once it’s safely been exported you can delete that mailbox in your mac mail, this process speeds up not only your machine but you ability to pop in and out of mail to find threads. If you need to get some of those emails back, just import the mailbox and do the process again, it really is that straight forward.