So you have embarked into the world of a Freelance Designer, but what now? Your clients and design companies want to know your price but you don't have a set rate, here are some pointers to help you out;

Work Load

Before quoting for a job always get a brief and the understand the expectations, knowing what the customer want's will help you make a decision if the job is right for you and you can meet their demands.


The Wider Picture

Is the job worth doing for a reduced rate? Most designers will say no but their may be opportunity of future work. Pizza shops will always needs menus, car garages will always need leaflets and individuals will always need business cards. It all adds up and it may be worth putting the extra in and reap the benefits.


The Client

If your a young and aspiring designer some clients may be a nice portfolio piece and help you reach a higher level of design. But remember, don't always charge a reduced rate, your work has a value and as you get better, your price should reflect that.



Is this work in your style, many designers just take on work for money, not considering their skill-set. If you have never designed a menu before it may be worth seeking advice from another designer. Factor this cost into the price, they may charge you for their knowledge.


Don't be afraid to say "No!”

<>Don't fall into the trap of always accepting clients, all designers have strengths and weaknesses. Take on the work your confident with and learn the stuff your not, there is always another designer who can help or take the work load.