So you’re wondering why the lyrics from the 1979 hit by Sugarhill Gang has ended up in our blog. Well, what you read is not a test, but we’re leading hospitality, and even though we don’t go by the name of Lois Lane, we are Creativehill and here is our essential album to digital success in the hospitality sector.

Originally written for Northern Insight Magazine as a hospitality feature each month, these articles (which will now be referred to as tracks) are created to deliver, inspire and change the way you think about your online presence. Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn is a representation of us and an introduction to what lies ahead, each track represents a problem or issue faced by Hotels, Bars and Restaurants not just in the North East, but globally - our challenge is to combat these issues one by one and help the sector thrive through truly creative insights. My name is Adam Hill, founder of Creativehill and these are my chosen lyrics for the introduction to our business and what we are about to share with you.


Welcome to the ever-changing world of the hospitality sector, although if you’re reading this, you probably already understand the importance of keeping ahead. Among the day-to-day challenges faced by any business in this sector, it is actually a small minority that understands their customers, their acquisition channels and their referral partners for online traffic. The question to start this track is, how do your customers find you?


In this all-embracing era of technology, we cannot ignore the social impact and brand awareness that comes from being online. The UK is the 8th largest tourist destination in the world as published by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation and given the physical size of our little rock in the Atlantic, that’s fairly impressive. But this means your competition is everywhere, a constant battle for placement online, increased room bookings, wedding occupancy and table coverings - this is why I set up Creativehill.


We partner with hotels, bars and restaurants to fix all of the above, but this album of inspiration is about sharing some of our insights. Heading into 2019, 4 years on since it began for us, we have built a reputation of delivering desirability, which in-turn results in profitability for our customers. Along the way, we have predicted, collected, obtained and verified data about the sector through the projects we have delivered and the results thereafter. The following 11 tracks are your chance to see inside the industry, us as an organisation and understand our findings to improve your online attraction and the retention of your customers.


Let’s start at the top, it’s usually the best place. For those of you familiar with our work and process you will know that we don’t use the word ‘website’ - had we have been around in the 90’s we may refer to them as such, but the internet and the technology that harnesses it has come a long way from the days of three w’s. We refer to them as a ‘Digital Presence’ - let’s be honest it actually sums them up better.


A digital presence is your corner of the online world enabling users to interact with your business. Most hoteliers go to an immense effort refining the customer experience on-site through staff training, renovation, seasonal menus and the latest technologies, but all of that is irrelevant if the first touch point of a brand is a poor web experience - I have actually left hotel websites during a reservation process based on a bad booking experience, and our data shows I’m not the only person.


Let’s re-imagine your digital presence as a hotel, the signage on the way in is how you appear on Google attracting customers in, the front door is your homepage and the first impression point for the customer, the reception team is the user experience helping people navigate online and find what they are looking for and your booking engine is the management team and systems behind the scenes making sure you maximise bookings. - All of these elements help viewers make real-time decisions about your brand and if they will invest time and money on making a booking.


How does your digital presence attract new business and retain your existing customers? If it’s not on brand, clunky, hard to navigate, a pain on mobile devices and creates a headache during the booking process why would customers choose you over a competitor?


Welcome to the world of creative solutions, if you’re confident with your digital presence, our hospitality insight could give you the tools to take your business further. Over the next 11 tracks, we will share our data, experience and insights to get ahead of your competition. We are Creativehill, the hospitality specialists and this is your essential album to digital success.