In the early days of the business Creativehill was started in the dark depths of a cupboard under the stairs. The harsh cramped environment was too hot in the summer and unbearably cold in the winter, but it was home. What more could a creative design studio need other than a printer, laptop, a supply of cold drinks, crips and a exploding head of ideas. Adam managed to last nearly a year in the “batcave” but a higher power was calling… quite literally.


The back bedroom beckoned, a warmer environment with more room, but above all else it had windows! With this new found space it didn’t take long for Adam to take over most of the room and the original allocation for working space was a distant memory. It’s natural for all businesses to expand but the original projections and business plan did not accommodate for physical growth.


Alas, a new era of the business dawned and Creativehill moved into an office it could call it’s own. Little did he know this office would give him to foundations to build an array of exciting clients and showcase the Award Winning designs to the world.


Since the move Creativehill has opened a hub in Harrogate, North Yorkshire with future expansion plans in other regions of the UK and remember… the best companies in the world start from a underdog story.