One of the North-East’s top accountancy practices, Certax Durham, re-engaged Creativehill a leading design agency to build a cutting-edge website to help them dominate the financial sector into 2018.


Certax Accounting Durham returned to Creativehill to re-vamp their website giving them a whole new digital presence and keeping them ahead of the trend, yet again. When it comes to a big-league accountancy firms, they want nothing but the best to keep up with the high standards of the market. This is why they went to Creativehill to maintain the professional image created by the website previously but with a whole new layout.


Creativehill is known for taking companies and adapting their brand and digital presence through the changes in market, making sure that the websites they create are always up to date and appealing to potential customers. They pride themselves on making sure each website applies to the specific customer and go the extra mile to make sure a unique presence is achieved. When working with a company like Certax, Creativehill instinctively know what appeals to the clientele and how to make their new website stand out from the rest. They know how important image can be, so they pull out all the stops to make a website that meets the company’s full potential.


Certax wanted a website that is more efficient for their customers, easier to navigate and that represents the companies core values. They know that trends change and constant updates are required to lead the market. This made it an easy decision to return to Creativehill to make their website turn heads, yet again.


Adam, Director of Creativehill commented saying;

"Certax have been a customer since we started the business, they really are leading the way their sector and I wanted the team to produce something that reflected that. This website is a new approach for Certax from a visual perspective but it has some amazing back end ability to show you next year... watch this space."


It is clear that the demands for websites are changing. Creativehill specialise in a range of sectors and are ready to help their customers move forward through this time. In an industry moving so fast it is important that you think of who is the best company for you. This is why Creativehill are the leading branding and design agency that can handle any business challenge and guide them in the right direction.


You can see their new website at