Ever wondered what goes on inside a creative design studio? We thought we would share our very own day in the life of Creativehill to fill in the blanks!


Our work begins before we even realise it, we sit at home while having breakfast listening to music, catching up on the news and generally being tapped into our surroundings. The design industry moves so fast we need to be aware of trends and political changes to help our design before we even start work!



The travel to work is always a fun one, some drive, some bike and some run! The commute to work is a rare time to detach from technology, it helps the team plan their day and clear their head before attacking the days work.



There is coffee in the air and the team meeting is upon us, everyone catches up for a quick chat about the upcoming projects and what support is needed, this helps everyone identify issues early and schedule the team where needed.



With all of the social media streams coming to life it’s a great time to check in and have some fun. Following the trends from earlier in the morning add to the arsenal of daily argument comebacks around the office. The team also use this time to check up on emails and usual sources of information.



The studio is a hive of activity, phones ringing, music playing and general office shenanigans begin. Each day is different with topical conversations around political views, design trends, last night’s takeaway and some generic american TV series. These conversations differ on a daily basis as does the quality of the input - we are a create bunch and our expertise on these matters range from slim to none.



Office grumblings are happening and “Lunch Gate” is upon us. Commence the next hour of heated debate around food!



An office lunch decision has been reached, it usually involves a split decision… or A/B campaign as we know it. Within a stone throw of the office is a culinary world of excitement, by culinary we mean fast food and by world we mean the business park.



The afternoon tasks begins, after a busy morning the team use the rest of the afternoon to get ahead of schedule. With most of the calls and customer engagement arriving in the AM this is a great time to turn the music up and let creativity take hold.



Some kind of Lego or Nerf war has broken out across the office, carnage in the form of bricks and bullets are everywhere and the staff are crouched behind the some form of office protection; FYI that usually happens after a terrible lunch suggestion for the following day.



The team are starting to wind down and plan the next days work, it’s important as a team we make sure everyone is on the same page ready for the days work.



The last jobs are being wrapped up and the team clear down their stations ready for tomorrow.


As designers we never really switch off and all of our outside influences feed our creativity, as a business it’s important to develop a culture and our team are one of the best at being unique.


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