Hi, my name’s Rory and I’m finally old enough to be part of the team!


I’ve been brought in as the new CEO (Canine Entertainment Officer). This means that I’m in charge of everyone here and responsible for keeping their days fun and exciting. After working on some cool jobs already, I thought I’d write a blog post throwing it back to my first week here.


They brought me in for the first time, last Monday and let me tell you, I’ve never seen so much to chew in one place. There was Lego, computer wires, pencils and so much more. It’s a shame that most of them live on a shelf that’s too high for my paws to reach, (the rest were moved shortly after my first inspection) but that’s only Adam being a spoilsport, he never likes me eating the fun things. I forgave him when I saw my office bed, I even got given a few chews that I’m allowed to bite as much as I want, talk about the dream job! I was set a few tasks to do and I’m pleased to say that as well as completing them all, I caught my tail 3 whole times in between naps. As far as first days go, I blended in pretty well.


Since I did so well on my first day, I got to go on an adventure inside the building on Tuesday. We were looking for a new place to put all of our things, so that I have enough room to supervise everyone. I was in charge of all of the smells and making sure that the swivel chair works okay, it was AMAZING! Only, I couldn’t decide where to put my bed, but I think it’s okay to switch spots now and again in a room so big. I’m very excited for the move.


The next day was warm, which meant that I was under strict instructions to nap as much as possible – it was hard, but I think I did them proud. Only I couldn’t figure out how they knew about that squirrel dream I had. I couldn’t believe it when I found out that they drink coffee instead of water, it smells disgusting! I think my first rule made as CEO will be to change all drinks to water like mine so that I can try their cups out now and again. It’s a good idea with it being so easy to clean up, not that I make a mess or anything...


Thursday was a good day for me because it’s the day of the week where I get to choose the playlist! But don’t worry, I’m a cool dog that doesn’t listen to ‘Puppy Love’ anymore, I’m a ‘Who let the dogs out’ kind of boy. I decided to make friends with the printer on that Thursday too, but we didn’t see eye to eye in the end when he kept spitting out paper – it was too loud, and I haven’t spoken to him since, but, it’s okay because he doesn’t live in my room anymore.


After becoming a working boy, I have heard around the office that Friday is the best day of the week. It must be true with all of the fun food that comes through the door. But the best part is that if I’m a super good boy, I get a little bit of chicken. This shows how special I am because the others don’t share with anyone else. My only job on Friday is to report back on the week so far and then I can finish my target of naps. Needless to say, I am loving working life.


If you want to hear more about my office adventures you can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.