Applying for a job as a designer? Here are some of the points we keep an eye out for so take note.




Be different, your a designer, we want to see you jump of the page and kick us around a bit. In a sea of applications yours need to be the one we pick up and there are some clever ways to do it, you just need to work it out.




One page, we don’t want to know what you did at school or how far you swam in your county trials, tell us about you and what makes you different to the rest, and the tricky part is you only have one page to sell yourself, cut the crap and impress us.




Don’t use Word, have some pride in you CV like you would your portfolio, iconography and graphical elements are a great example of showing your quirky side with limited space, we interact with visual design not words and sometimes less is more.




Use Images sparingly, filling a page with an image of a lake or a mockup of some branding work you did it not creativity, it’s an attempt to fill space at best. Revert back to our original point of sizing, show us enough to intrigue us but not everything, that’s what your portfolio is for.



Follow Through

Well… not literally, you’ve worked hard to get this far in jumping off the page, don’t let us down with a badly written email littered with mistakes. Make sure your portfolio matches your CV styling and your contact information is clear.



Be Remembered

The biggest hurdle to fall on is one of the last, make sure your sending it to the right place or person and most importantly make sure you get it right. Most companies provide a dedicated email or individual to manage this area, follow it up with a call, send them a printed version. Don’t give a design studio a reason to ignore you.



Get Feedback

Get a response, make sure you get something back from them, even if it’s a resounding “No”. Most studio's will provide feedback to improve and failing that revert to these simple 7 steps.


Top tip: We are “Creativehill” not “Creative Hill”… you have been warned.